In 2006 Gear attended Gnomon School of Visual Effects where he gained a spears edge learning from masters that are active in the concept industry for film. At the age 27 he moved to Las Vegas for a career transition and change of scenery. He opened up his first art gallery and workshop where he taught Airbrush illustration and digital concept design to a wide range of students in 2011 at Art Square. Being recognized by the airbrush and digital art industry's for his originality, speed and showmanship he quickly gained momentum with sponsors to fly around the globe to do demos and instructional workshops at conventions such as SEMA, CES, Comic Con and Monsterpalooza. Gear currently does tutorial videos, product unboxing, and demonstrations for WACOM, COREL PAINTER, and CREATEX.  Gear Duran represented COREL for CES 2017 doing a technology integration seminar on MIC architecture (multi integrated core) and debuting INTEL's CORE i7 Seventh Generation CPU chip. 

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Digital cyberpunk binary art slayer and visual mercenary Gear Duran, aka Gearboxxx, is a cold-blooded rattlecan killer when he hits the big walls. He is a sci-fi, dark core surrealist meets cyberpunk contemporary artist and illustrator. Born in Santa Maria, CA and raised in Baja California, Ensenada where he was raised by his grandfather whom used to work in affiliation with secret military projects in the 50s and 60s whom also fought in the Korean War  His grandfather was the match that sparked his curiosity and exposed Gear to issues concerning technology, geopolitics, politics, theoretical physics and assisted in late nights building model airplanes while watching NOVA on PBS. His fascination with seeking truth, UFO's and other hidden phenomenons was a major creative pull towards the themes in his work later on in life. Being separated from his mother at an early age and reunited with her at the age of 12 he felt a strong connection since his gift of creation was passed down from her as it laid the groundwork for their ethereal bond. At the age of 16 he left Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo where he lived in a community of hackers , Dj's ,computer engineers and underground culture embraced in the 90s. 

"I believe the biggest challenge for us as a creative collective is to be original. Everything has been done under the sun on this world. I want to paint things that have only been done under the sun of other worlds." -Gear Duran

Gear currently is developing new works of art and design with 3-D technology.  Expanding his knowledge within Autodesk Mudbox and Zbrush, he is integrating this process to converge elements of conceptual design and 3-D models to be translated into proprietary visual assets to be executed into large scale graffiti installations.  These 3-D sculpts can be either sent to a 3-D printer or a 5 axis lathe for fine art, interior installs, building facades, or conventions. 

Currently Gear Duran runs GBX3 Studios out of Las Vegas, NV with his girlfriend Heather Hermann. Several major and new exciting projects are in production along with events, seminars, and art shows. 

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