Looking to have a facelift to your business, restaurant, home or venue?  GBX3 Studios by Gear Duran offers service for large scale mural installs to help make your business stand out. Working with an arsenal of aerosol paint and equipment Gear can transform your vision into a reality. 

Employer is to supply information about the space and any artistic requirements i.e: branding or theme. Concept art for install is designed 5 days prior to physical instillation to provide a fully rendered example for the client to witness the art in a digital completed state before physical application to ensure effective execution and time management.  

50 % Deposit is required upfront that is non refundable. After concepts are completed instillation begins. Second 50% payment is due upon mural completion. 


Looking for the latest technology at your event? GBX3 Studios offers private bookings for Tangible Interaction's Digital Graffiti Wall.

Tangible's Digital Graffiti Wall is built to look and feel just like real street art. It’s intuitive to use, so anyone can grab one of the digital spray cans and take a turn. It's hi-tech, high impact and engaging -- something that will be remembered, talked about, blogged about and tweeted about for months.

Mixing interactive technology with graffiti techniques (stencils, drips, nozzles), Tangible's Digital Graffiti Wall is the original, invented by the company back in 2007. It's ideal for corporate and opening events, music festivals, trade shows and brand promos.

The Digital Graffiti Wall not only brings people together but also generates a great atmosphere for large events. Whenever someone is creating on the wall, a crowd quickly forms to watch and see how the end result will come together. There’s also an option to have a skilled graffiti artist at your event, turning the activation into an interactive performance piece.

Interested in booking? Contact by email at Tangible Interactions in the link below.


Interested in booking an artistic interactive element to your next event? GBX3 Studios offers live performance art in the following mediums: Aerosol, airbrush and mixed media. Bookings are to be made at least a week prior to your event. Employer is to supply information about the event and any artistic requirements i.e: branding or theme. 

Payments are to be paid in full after event completion. All employers are to sign an invoice contract after reserving booking. 



Interested in a Gear Duran original? Commission orders are open with various pricing budgets. For inquiries on originals, please contact privately via email. 

All original artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

Purchaser is responsible for shipping charges that may apply if out of state or country 


Interested in making your ideas come to life? GBX3 Studios offers full concept design not just in 2-D but also in 3-D sculpting renders. You provide the idea, GBX3 Studios does the rest! Have no idea? No problem! 


GBX3 Studios offers various services for large scale installation foam carving for structures, interiors, art install, convention booths and much more! All carving are one of a kind free hand sculptures or original 3-D sculpted material printed on a 5 axis lay. You have the idea? GBX3 Studios can make it. 

All foam carving commissions are filled with an official invoice and contract upon booking. 

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